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Instructions for meditation

Instructions for meditation

Instructions for meditation

For effective Meditation the following are important: posture, silence, fresh air and inner calm.

To ensure all this, find a place where you can retire and no one will bother you.

Sit comfortably while keeping your spine straight so that your lower back does not strain.

Check that the room is ventilated, it is better to slightly open the window for fresh air.

You can close your eyes during Meditation and also put a blindfold on your eyes to ensure darkness. It helps to focus on your inner sensations.

Put on your headphones and listen to meditation. At first you can look at the picture, but at some point it is better to close your eyes and lower the blindfold on them

While listening to meditative audio recordings, breathe a little slower and a little deeper than usual, without pauses. Do not hold your breath. This is called coherent breathing. It is your guide to changing internal states. And it is important!

Direct your attention to the sensations of your body. Observe the sensations of your body, are there any changes in it as you listen to meditations? It is important that you focus on bodily sensations. Such attention is called Focusing and it is the second most important component in the world of meditation and transformation of internal states after coherent breathing.

Allow yourself to just be yourself, just listen and feel. It's enough.

When the audio recording is complete, you can open your eyes when you want. You can continue to listen to background music if you want. Or skip to the next audio recordings for recipes related to your purpose.