7 levels of awareness - Flow: mindfulness, meditation, happiness

7 levels of awareness

7 levels of awareness


The main motivation is fear

Philosophy of life is struggle for survival

Уровень выживания

Here a person does not know anything about the structure of reality. Moreover, all the laws of reality already influence on him. Therefore, all life turns into a struggle for survival due to the fact that a person like a blind constantly violates any laws of reality, receives negative consequences and cannot realize his mistakes. All decisions a person takes out of fear of a hostile world. All his choices are driven by fear of threats and a desire to survive. That is why there are a lot of negative emotions and states of consciousness.


Attention is directed to external threats and problems, there is a gratuitous suspicion, anxiety and undue concern:

  • A person everywhere sees risks for his business.
  • He lacks the ability to see opportunities and perspectives.
  • He feels that the world is hostile and competitive. Man to man is the enemy, business to business is a competitor.
  • Decisions here are made in anxiety and for the sake of survival.
  • A person, being on this level of consciousness, does not think about the development of a business and about its expansion, his focus is on preserving, protecting and sustaining


1. Birth

2. World of illusion

3. Anger

4. Greed

5. Courage

6. Delusion

7. Faintheartedness

8. Envy

9. Sensuality


The main motivation is the desire of pleasure and unwillingness of pain

Philosophy of life is hedonism

sensornoe visprijatie realnostiFear is left behind, and there is a thirst for pleasure. Here the ability to enjoy through the 5 sensory channels of perception is revealed to a person: I see, hear, feel, taste, smell. Man seeks to prolong his enjoyment as long as possible. And the wisdom is that pleasure is possible only at the moment of the present, it is necessary to learn not only to accept it, but also to let it go. If such wisdom does not come, then there comes either satiety (apathy) or dependence. As a result, a person burns his life without learning anything more about it.

And the other side of sensory perception of reality is pain. At this level, there is a passionate desire to avoid pain and other unpleasant sensory sensations. All decisions at this level are made precisely from these two key reasons - the desire to have fun and the desire to avoid pain. This is an infantile level enough to make decisions out of it. And this is a wonderful level to feel, taste life in all its sensorial diversity.


Going to this level in business means:

  • Here immediately desire is born, you want everything and all at once – money, fame and pleasure of life.
  • There is no sense of proportion. Here is spent so much money.
  • This is where we talk about the consumer society.
    There is alcohol, drug addiction, squandering
  • From the positive moments here is the enjoyment of the process of your favorite work, stress is removed here.

Therefore, at this level such business tasks are solved as:

  • Enjoying the creative process, stress relief:
  • Sales through impressions, through “contamination” and flirting
  • Making a “tasty presentation” through joy.
  • Corporate, celebration of anniversaries
  • You can quickly recover, receive a joint team buzz.

In management, this is the “carrot” method.


10. Purification

11. Entertainment

12. Pride

13. Insignificance

14. Constructive Creativity

15. Family

16. Plan of fantasy

17. Jealousy

18. Admiration

Third Level - ACTION LEVEL

The main motivator is ambitions

The philosophy of life is “I can change the world and I will change it”

uroven deystviyaMan does not chase after the blessings of life but creates it by himself. Person has the power to influence the world and reality, to transform it through active actions. This is the level of business, the level of business activity, the level of power structures. The illusion of this level is that it seems to a person that he can do anything. But here everything comes with difficulty, through force, through physical action. And there are situations that a person cannot influence by action. These are situations where a person does not have an answer to the question: “HOW can I achieve this?”, In other words, when he does not have the technology to achieve his goal. And then comes disappointment and a sense of powerlessness. Well, you can buy technology and / or take expert advice.


  • It is important to win, be the first. "If you are not the first, then you are zero"
  • There is high competition. People are inspired at this level through rivalry, contests, competition.
  • Layer of achievement is high, but success is important with measurable results.
  • Communications take place through orders and their execution, through reports and control.

This level is ideal if all business processes are already established. There is high competition here. Employees are motivated through rivalry, contests, competitions.


19. Action plan

20. Bad Company

21. Atonement

22. Nature of Being

23.Reasonable Management

24. Ideal

25. Charity

26. Good company

27. Leadership.


The main motivation is harmony relations and conscience

Philosophy of life is the strategy of "win-win", proverbs that correspond to this level are “A friend in court is better than a penny in purse, “Do not have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends”

uroven otnosheniyIt is the level of intuitive comprehension of reality. Here, unconscious knowledge of the world order is available to man. He hears in his heart that we are all one, the world is one. Conscience is born here. The drama of this level in that a person cannot put his intuitive knowledge of reality into words and cannot explain it to others. And for people of lower levels, this person is incomprehensible. But it is precisely the feeling that we all influence each other, depend on each other and are united in the system, which creates a desire to take into account the interests of other people, build relationships and take care of our neighbors.


  • Attention is aimed at creating long-term relationships. The reason is that the "heart" brain was turned on;
  • Here there is the birth of dialogue, the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor, empathy.
  • Respect for each other occurs naturally, because it is an internal need.
  • Making decisions from the “win-win” position when the interests of all participants of the process are taken into account;

Therefore, the following business problems are solved here:

  • Creating a space of care and loyalty for employees;
  • Corporate culture of the value of caring and mutual respect;
  • Customer-oriented and sincere service;
  • The birth of a team of like-minded people.


28. Transcendence

29. Identification

30. Compassion

31. Sadness and depression

32. Emotional Intelligence

33. Joy

34. Gratitude

35. Purgatory

36. Equilibrium

Fifth level - KNOWLEDGE OF NEW

The main motivation is knowledge of reality and its laws

Philosophy of life is to solve riddles, discover laws, invent technologies, move into the new

poznanie novogoAt this level a person asks questions “How? and Why?” And receives answers to them through insights, inner flashes, discoveries. Life is in the flow. Kotler: "In the right place at the right time you meet the right person and tell him the right words." Here, the perception is so subtle that a person sees the patterns and causes of events. He accurately observes the causal relationships, catches patterns.  He sees clearly without obscurations. But while he sees not the whole of Reality, but locally, under the studied problem. Here, the attention of man, like a focused ray.


  • The level of professional business consultants
  • Creative problem solving, brainstorming
  • Setting goals, developing new ideas, principles and new technologies
  • Breakthroughs in business, solving nonlinear problems with several unknowns


37. Egoism

38 Human Birth

39. Negative Intelligence

40. Insight Thinking


42. Witness

43. Ignorance

44. Serving Humanity

45. Clarity of Consciousness


The main motivator is contemplation

Philosophy of life is harmony and beauty of the world

panoramnoe videnieAll knowledge about the laws of reality and the structure of reality as a whole, is revealed to man at the same time. There is a panoramic vision of everything. This is similar to how an eagle flies over the terrain and sees all of it. This is an amazing vision, it fascinates with its exceptional harmony, beauty, proportionality. There is no need to add anything to an already completely perfect world. We can only contemplate this beauty.


  • for strategic planning;
  • for setting long-term goals;
  • for developing a business development program;
  • for system audit of a large social structure (holding, province, etc).

Business at this level functions according a “blue ocean” strategy. This is where vision of trends arises.


46. Distinction

47. Violence

48. Laziness

49. Asceticism and solitude

50. Enlightenment

51. Happiness

52. Being

53. Contemplation

55. Rajas


kosmicheskoe soznanieThis is the last level of consciousness in the human body. Here the highest states of consciousness that are accessible to man on our planet Earth arise. Yogis say that there is an exit from the wheel of samsara, from the world of illusion. The attraction of illusion disappears, pure consciousness gains freedom and leaves the game. There are no regrets at this level; there is unity with the whole world.

If a person completes his life journey at the 7th level - and at this level - this will be his most beautiful life.

This is going beyond business, beyond worldly life, beyond words.